Challenges Before Using Capataz 

Before Capataz, we were actually using biometrics to monitor the in and out of our employees. Honestly, we find it to be a tedious and time-consuming process. We have more or less 400 people in our department but the challenge was, we still had to do manual computation, processing and verification which usually took up to 5 days. Not to mention, we assigned 13 people just to manage it and do the manual checking.  

Furthermore, biometric reports were also crammed almost 1 day before the deadline because that’s the only time reports are generated and consolidated. Only then would the team manually check the overtime and working hours and confirm for any discrepancies. Usual concern for payroll is that the hours were either insufficient or some were overlooked.  

Results After Using Capataz 

  • Using Capataz, it now only takes 1-2 days wherein the 1st day is typically spent for processing and the 2nd day is allotted for verification purposes. But most of the time, we can do it in 1 day only or just a few hours. This gives us more or less 4 days-worth of savings. Also, it is noteworthy that the generated reports from Capataz are now being used for faster payroll computation.  
  • Additionally, there used to be 13 people assigned to payroll but because of CAPATAZ, there are now only 2 people manning the task. The 11 people who were freed up from the payroll verification are now using their time to focus more on other important tasks.  
  • Before Capataz, it would take us an hour or so to verify 10 people. Usually, there were about 10-15 disputes on every payroll. (Note: Disputes are usually related to under-computed overtime or incorrect working hours, which once verified, will have to be adjusted on next cutoff.). For any complaints or disputes, take note that we have a tedious process of settling them which usually involves 5 resources (Supervisor, Team Leader, Logistics, Payroll and Users). Now, we get to process and verify 400 people in 1-2 days and disputes became minimal to almost none. And the time and efforts saved from settling disputes can now be reallocated to other revenue generating activities of the company. 

Why Would You Recommend Capataz? 

  • The app is very user-friendly, easy to access and operate. 
  • Improved Visibility and Monitoring! I can now monitor every employee as they time in and out as well as their exact locations. There’s also a pop-up notification to the supervisors like me if the employee has already timed in. Notifications with supervisors or managers when the staff times in and out make it easy to monitor even if I’m not in the office yet. If anyone also has questions or clarifications, I can now easily respond and reply with verified information because I now have a credible data/info to show them. 
  • Also, the Geo location tracking is very useful! If the employees have downloaded Capataz, I can now easily track their exact location and whereabouts. If they are on duty, you can easily see how long they’ve been in a specific area.  
  • The accurate and automated computation of hours is also very helpful to our payroll system! It definitely lessens the disputes and discrepancies.  

With Geofencing, we can now closely monitor if our employees or laborers are really working on their designated areas or if they left their geofence. Alerts Before using Capataz, 13 people managed our time keeping records for 400 employees which took 5 days to process and verify. With Capataz, it now only takes 2 people and 1 day to process or just a few hours! ”

-- Shyla Mercado 
Logistics Manager

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"13 people used to manage our time keeping records for 400 employees which took 5 days to process and verify. With Capataz, it now only takes 2 people and 1 day to process!”

Shyla Mercado | Logistics Manager 

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