CAPATAZ In Action: Training and Demos For Dizon Farms Group Of Companies

Over the past year, we have onboarded companies both in the Agriculture, Retail and Wholesale, and FMCG Industries. One of our notable clients is Dizon Farms Group Of Companies. They are one of the largest suppliers of fresh produce in malls and grocery stores.

In order for our clients to get a proper visual and set expectations on how an organization can maximize CAPATAZ's features and benefits, the Project Implementation team at ETI conducts a series of training and demos for the client. For example:

Capataz Application Logistic Rollout

This was attended by the Dizon Farms Logistic Department. The purpose of this was to discuss the rollout of Capataz Time log & QR Terminal. The Timekeeping & QR Terminal module in the Dizon Farms Logistic Dept was also launched during this meeting.

Capataz New Features Training

This was held on two separate occasions for the Dizon Farms Store Supervisors and Dizon Farms Audit Department. The agenda for the discussion was the rollout of Capataz Time logs, Timekeeping for Dizon Farms Store Supervisors, Capataz Reimbursement Report, and the Launching of Request-Reimbursement module in the Dizon Farms company.

What would you expect during your training and demo with us at CAPATAZ?

First, our client will book a free strategy call to inquire about our services. 

Next, is we set up a discovery call in which we would analyze your business' problems, identify your needs and propose a tailor-fitted solution from one of our service offerings. 

We will then demonstrate the function of the application based on your requirements and preference. 

After all is approved, we will now train your people and department on the use of the software.

CAPATAZ: The only productivity tool you will ever need for your business.

What are you waiting for?

Book a free strategy call to get started! 

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"Through tedious strategic planning and execution, Eclectus Technologies® was able to address our problems brought about by the current global pandemic by providing an all-in-one ecommerce, order fulfillment, and courier solution through "DF Delivers" web portal and mobile app - in just a few months.”

Dizon Farms

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