CAPATAZ In Action: How CAPATAZ Has Been Making Remote Work Easier

CAPATAZ is a One-Stop-Shop productivity tool for businesses that specializes in features such as Job Order Management and Time Keeping. Since its launch, it has helped over 900+ users to date and is being used by Eclectus Technologies Inc, Dizon Farms, and five other companies.

Eclectus Technologies®

Remote Working 

Employees throughout the world are becoming accustomed to business-wide remote work arrangements, video conferencing, and virtual collaborations as governments impose different degrees of lockdowns to combat the worldwide coronavirus epidemic. 

instead of traveling to an office every day to work from a certain workstation, remote employees may complete tasks and meet their objectives wherever they choose. People have the freedom to plan their days in such a way that both their professional and personal life may flourish while coexisting harmoniously. 

Problems Encountered on Remote Working  

For Employees: 

#1 There's just too many distractions 

Either dog is barking, a workspace that's not suitable for work, intermittent internet connection, and surprisingly- too much freedom that lessens an employee's focus during work hours. 

#2 Requesting for Time Off 

When it comes to vacation and sick days, many remote employees skip them since they can make up for lost time on their own time. As a result, just as you would in a typical workplace, you should create a sick and paid time off policy. Because your remote staff may work at any time, they shouldn't have to make up time off they've earned. Breaks should also be included in, just as they would in a typical office. 

#3 Work Management 

Because we don't have people continuously overseeing our job or managing our time, remote workers must be self-motivated time management experts. While sticking to a plan and managing to-dos is difficult for any employee, it's more difficult for remote employees who have more flexible, free-form days, as well as bosses who are located in various parts of the world. 

For Employers: 

#1 Work Management 

The barrier between home and work is removed when the daily journey to the workplace is eliminated. When the office is the employee's home, it's tough for them to "switch off" when it's time to clock out for the day. Due to conference calls, emails, chats, and other notifications, remote employees are frequently linked to their gadgets at the hip. These don't always finish when the workday ends, especially if other team members work different hours in various time zones. Create your own version of the commute to overcome this problem, even if you don't go to the neighborhood coffee shop for a change of scenery. Shower, have breakfast and read the news first thing in the morning before going to work. 

#2 Cybersecurity and Confidentiality 

It can be challenging to keep information safe across your business. Your team is responsible for keeping their personal and corporate information safe at all times, regardless of where your remote workers conduct their job - whether they're traveling the world or working out of their basement. No matter where your team works or what device they use, you must guarantee that your company's critical and secret information is kept protected. 

#3 Collaboration and Communication 

Communication is a problem in many companies, and it isn't limited to distant workers. Workflow difficulties arise as a result of flexible schedules and time zone variations. According to the State of Remote Work 2020 report, cooperation and communication are the most difficult aspects of working remotely for 20% of respondents. However, the opportunity to have a flexible schedule is the most important advantage, according to 32% of those polled. 

CAPATAZ's Solutions 

Here are the functions and features of CAPATAZ that directly address the problems of remote working! 

Job Order Management  

  • Allows assigning a job order to an individual or multiple staff/workers  
  • Includes Job Orders Duration, Severity and Priority, Facility, Costing, Time logs, Messaging and Assigned Users  
  • Features Request and Tracking of Assets & Consumables  
  • Provides rating and performance reviews   
  • Tracks project tasks percentage of completion in real-time  
  • Allow customization of tasks and duration  
  • Allows creation of Job Order templates that can be used to improve efficiency by prioritizing by severity and importance of tasks.  
  • Flexible wage and compensation (e.g output-based, task-based)  
  • Data-Driven KPI/metrics tracking capabilities
  • Allows multiple lines of supervision


  • Features Working On-the-Go Timekeeping and QR Terminal Timekeeping  
  • Offers Offline Timekeeping Option and Automatic Synchronization of Records  
  • Includes Automated tracking of hours spent for regular working hours, break time, and overtime  
  • Includes Authentication of Profile and Location through GeoTagging and Selfie Feature  
  • Sends notification for every activity to the employee, associated user, and the supervisor   
  • Gives Authority to Time Out to the supervisors on behalf of/her employees  
  • Allows multiple lines of supervision  

Other core features include: Live Tracking, MyRequests, and Reporting. 

Here is what our users have to say about CAPATAZ so far: 

"100% of all job orders- FULFILLED!" 

Since Eclectus Technologies™ was brought in 2 months ago to solve our productivity issues. We have been nailing 100% of all job orders per week! Capataz™ has helped us minimize unproductive time through its 2 in 1 job order management and timekeeping features!" 

Operations, Highland Agri-Venture Incorporated 

"The three main benefits of using Capataz: TIME SAVER. This app provides a ready update for the working hours rendered by the employee. USER FRIENDLY. This app can be easily accessed and operated. USEFUL FEATURES. This app helps us generate reports of time in and out of every employee in our department. Also, this app automatically computes your regular hours in a day and the number of overtime hours.    

After using Capataz, the duration of our payroll period lessened. There is no need to merge cells and manually type the number of hours an employee worked for the day since Capataz could automatically generate that data compared to our previous system. " 

Dizon Farms 

Interested in having CAPATAZ for your organization? Book a FREE STRATEGY CALL now! 

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"13 people used to manage our time keeping records for 400 employees which took 5 days to process and verify. With Capataz, it now only takes 2 people and 1 day to process!”

Shyla Mercado | Logistics Manager 

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