CAPATAZ Launched: The Job Order Management and Time Keeping App for the Hardworking Filipino

Eclectus Technologies Inc. has now officially launched CAPATAZ! A mobile application that will help you simplify your job order management and timekeeping activities so you can make most of your time on your business!

Eclectus Technologies®

The global pandemic has completely changed the way we monitor the productivity of our employees. Gone are the days that we need to physically time in using a Date and Time Record at the office, manually filing reports and requests, and tracking job order status’ which takes a longer time.

Capataz is a mobile application developed by Eclectus Technologies™ with the aim of improving the productivity of your business. Its overall benefits are:

  • Saves organizations their time and resources streamlining Business Processes and Workflows
  • Offers convenience and efficiency in employee performance tracking
  • And Eliminates the tedious and wasteful use of paper in monitoring and recording. Therefore, offers more security and tracking with the use of digital technology.

The word CAPATAZ was derived from the Spanish translation of “foreman”, “supervisor”, or “overseer”. The official logo includes  gear, stopwatch, and geotag pin as its design. It aims to be the ultimate productivity tool that aids the hardworking Filipino in streamlining their job order management capabilities and timekeeping activities especially those who are working remotely and on the field.

Last July 2021, in compliance with the Intellectual Property of the Philippines, we have filed for a trademark application for CAPATAZ and is expected to be officially issued by December of this year.

While in its pre-launch stage, CAPATAZ has already been integrated and used by people in the IT and Agriculture industry. It has helped over 900+ users to date and is being used by Eclectus Technologies Inc, Dizon Farms, and five other companies. CAPATAZ has been updated and enhanced multiple times since then.

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CAPATAZ’s core features are:


Enables your staff to carry their job list, manage tasks effectively, automate timekeeping and live tracking all from your mobile device. Also allows you to plan and delegate workloads and automate recurring job orders to save more time. 


Automated Tracking of work hours and Location. Timekeeping On-The-Go feature helps you save a trip by timing in the office by going directly to the field. 


Live tracking works best with projects that involve project management tracking and field work, as well as monitoring the location of employees who are working from home. 


Allows both user and supervisor to submit/approve requests on the app. 


Provides a way to track assets and consumables, and other expenditures used in the Job. 

REPORTS Allows for the creation of timekeeping summary and details, payroll list, and job order accomplishments

Interested in having CAPATAZ for your organization? Book a free strategy call here

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