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Over the past few years, e-commerce has developed quickly, with new platforms and technologies appearing on a regular basis. This has made internet sales easier than ever for firms and created new business prospects. The growth of mobile shopping has been one of the most significant changes in ecommerce. Businesses have had to adjust to this trend as more individuals shop online using their smartphones and tablets.

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Ecommerce for Hands-On! 

A significant rise in the use of data in e-commerce has also been observed. Businesses are now gathering information on everything from website analytics to client behavior and using it to enhance their online operations. Any successful ecommerce business now relies heavily on data-driven decision making. 

Eclectus Technologies’ Ecommerce Solutions 

Under ETI’s Ecommerce solutions, they provide service offerings such as:  

  1. B2C Online Storefront - This app helps you establish a strong online presence and makes it easier for your customers to browse and purchase products from your online businesses. We deliver the following: 
  1. B2C Mobile App - This app offers a user-friendly and convenient way to expand your business operations by shifting to a digital platform thereby increasing potential sales and widening market reach. 
  1. B2C Order Fulfillment - E-commerce tool that purposely designed to work well with ETI ECommerce Solutions Web or Mobile App, this tool provides a more portable and cost-efficient options via digitized order fulfillment functions for your business. 
Hands-On! List of products

The Ecommerce section for Hands-On featured the following: 

Browsing Hands-On Products 

On the Shop page, audiences will be able to see the Featured Products and All Products. 


Buyers have the option to create an account on the website on the Account Webpage, or before checking out an order. They will also have the option to signup using their own Facebook account for ease of registration. 

Your Cart 

After the buyer choses the items that they want by clicking “Add To Cart”. They will now be able to view their order on the “Your Cart” section. Represented by a cart icon on the upper right corner of the website. 


Upon checking out, you will be asked to fill out customer details. You also have the option to ship it out on a different address other than yours. 

Shipping Details 

After inputting the checkout details, you will be prompted to the Shipping Page. The location of delivery affects the pricing of the total product. The buyer can also input coupon details as well. 

Payment Methods 

Payment methods such as Gcash, Maya, GrabPay, ShopeePay, &-Eleven, Cebuana, Direct Debit BPI, Direct Debit UnionBank, are available on the website. Noticeably, they don’t have the Cash On delivery option just yet. 

Hands-On! Product

You can have all of these for your website as well. Start your ecommerce journey with Eclectus Technologies Inc.! Book a consultation with us to get started.

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