How Industries Will Be Adjusting To The New Normal This 2022

New year, new opportunities to apply what we have learned the previous year to improve the way we do work! HR executives must reconsider workforce and employee strategy, management, performance, and engagement methods as the pandemic reset important work trends. For those executives, the task now is to examine the impact of each HR trend on their organization's operations and strategic goals, determine which demands immediate action, and assess how these HR trends affect pre-COVID-19 strategic goals and plans.

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Hybrid working is becoming the standard, with those who resist (for good cause) becoming increasingly out of date—as they should—as the benefits of employment, diversification, and work-life balance become clearer. Hybrid friction isn't going away, and if 2021 was about persuading companies to let employees choose where they work, 2022 will be about when we work. Eventually, this will lead to an increase in asynchronous collaboration, necessitating substantial effort to prevent productivity from being harmed by a lack of clarity about who is working when.

Work Trends To Look Out For This 2022

Complex Organizational Structure

As the epidemic fades, mergers, and acquisitions (M&A) and company nationalization will accelerate. To reduce and manage risk in times of instability, companies will focus on growing their geographic diversification and investing in secondary markets. As operating models evolve, the complexity of scale and organizational management will increase, posing problems for leaders.

Allow business units to tailor performance appraisal systems because what works for one section of the company may not work for another. Providing reskilling and career advancement support — for example, by generating resources and building up platforms to enable visibility into internal jobs — is becoming increasingly important as organizational diversity complicates career pathing.

Remote Working Is Here To Stay

According to a recent Gartner research, 48% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time after COVID-19, compared to 30% before the pandemic. Explore the fundamental competencies employees will need to collaborate digitally as firms migrate to more remote work operations, and be prepared to alter employee experience initiatives. Consider whether and how performance goal-setting and staff assessments should be shifted to a remote setting.

More Focus on the Employee Welfare and Working Experience

Businesses should explore regular techniques of assessing employees' needs and the effectiveness of their accommodation initiatives. Employees' performance will naturally increase when their brain chemistry allows the prefrontal cortex to operate at normal levels. Run for the hills if HR experts, workplace specialists, or real estate pros begin by saying, "We have the solution." Despite our natural need for "the answer," there is none. The most powerful suggestion is to develop a workplace plan that is unique to each company.

Now would be the opportunity to get to know your employees, their level of comfort with the modifications you're planning, and develop a well-thought-out change management strategy that includes far more robust levels of communication than has ever been used before. Being extremely attuned to your organization and meeting demands you were previously unaware of will lead to success.

Are you an HR Professional who's preparing for the "new normal" of working? Here at Eclectus Technologies, we will equip you with the right tools and knowledge to help your organization adapt and innovate practices in the process! Book a free demo now.

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