Eclectus Technologies Inc. Internship Program 2022

On February of 2022, Eclectus Technologies® launched its first-ever Internship Program. Eclectus Technologies® is determined that by giving graduating students internship opportunities, we can mold and prepare the next generation of IT professionals. The purpose of this internship program is to get the next generation ready for the digital revolution. They got a taste of what it's like to work in the information technology industry thanks to ETI. The objective is to provide them with knowledge and expertise in the most recent technological advances that will be prepare them in their chosen professions.

Eclectus Technologies®

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The first batch of interns consisted of students from Adamson University and University of Batangas. For Batch 2, they had students from Camarines Sur Polytechnic University, and Taguig City University.  

OJT Program Overview 

On their first week, the interns were onboarded and were familiarized with ETI’s product offerings and were introduced to the whole team. They also attended weekly organization meetings and SCRUM meeting to get them accustomed to the work culture. On the second week begins actual task implementation, to apply learnings from the trainings and activities on the previous week. The third week, they were made busy with work on small projects and assignments, and technical trainings. The research and development team were very active in assisting the inters in their tasks at hand. And lastly for the 4th week, they documented user guides and process documents so they can be used for future references. 

The feedback of our interns resonates with the quality of teaching and industry experience that ETI has exposed them to during this 3-month program. Here are their key takeaways: 

Teamwork and Collaboration 

ETI has created an environment where people help each other learn and grow, and where exchange of ideas are welcomed and encouraged. If one team member encounters difficulty, they are ready to help each other overcome it. The interns got to experience firsthand what the work culture is like in their chosen career path. Our Developers and QA Team are open to entertain the curious minds of the interns. From process creation to technical developments. They are never alone in this learning journey. In their words, “receiving feedback are great help for improvements.” 


Some of the interns were admittedly not used to speaking with other people. Now they are coming out of this internship program with more confidence, and improved communicating abilities than before! 

Time Management 

The IT industry is a very challenging and fast-paced industry. Through ETI’s internship program, they were taught how to meticulously plan ahead so that they will make the best out of the time given, highlighting also the AGILE methodology that they learned first-hand. That is why they were able to accomplish so much in just 3 months! 

Eclectus Technologies Inc. is forever grateful for the trust and cooperation of the participating schools. The responsibility of preparing and educating the youth is truly an opportunity that ETI would not pass up! 


The interns underwent 9 trainings involving Mobile App Development, Agile Methodology and Software development. They are exposed to the day-to-day activities of developers by attending the weekly team meetings and daily SCRUM meetings. They got to apply what they have learned while being mentored by the research and development team. 

Interested on joining the next batch of interns? Message to get started.

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