Sooner or later the COVID-19 Pandemic will end – and this does not mean that we will be able to completely eradicate COVID-19 for all time, just that sooner or later the science, medicine and public policies combined will catch up with the constant mutations and evolution of the virus that we will be able to return to a semblance of the normal known to us pre-pandemic, however, just how normal will it be?

Throughout the pandemic, the entire world adapted to what was coined as the “New Normal”. This new normal put dystopian films into reality – not allowing us to go within 6 feet of each other, to see each other’s faces without masks, confining gatherings to computer screens. It has paved the way for fast-paced technological innovation and allowed business to continue operations under the new normal through digital wallets, computer-mediated-communication, social media platforms adding marketplace and selling features among others. Once the pandemic ends, these innovations stay, which is why this is the time to assess the new you, the new vision of your business as well!

Think of the current pandemic as the time for you to plan and focus on reaching your goals and achieving your business dreams. Let’s get on establishing your business’ new and improved vision.

Start by assessing what to retain and what to dispose

You may have had to adapt to the pandemic by offering digital payment options, deliveries, installment options and many more – these friendlier options may have brought in more customers, customers you didn’t have during the pandemic may have found it more convenient and won them over to patronize your products and services. Look into what processes you applied during the pandemic brought in more sales, engagement and customer loyalty and keep it!

Next, re-calibrate your current business model

Lets be honest, we may have had risk and crisis prevention in our previous business plans but it was not enough to cover the effects of the pandemic economically, physical, politically and physiologically. Because of this – we go with the saying that prevention is better than the cure. Crisis-proof your business design and bring in your employees, team and even consultants to talk about anything and everything that could go wrong and establish plans to prevent it.

Foster relations

Build build build – not the Philippine infrastructure building act but what you need to do to make sure you are not alone and are prepared for whatever happens. Foster relations and care for your employees – a loyal and hardworking employee is the secret to success. Externally, start branching out as well. Socialize with other business owners and join business expos and start up events, meet up with possible investors and/or clients and bulk up your roster of connections. Just as no man is an island, no business can survive without some sort of cooperation and aid from help from individuals, corporations and fellow businesses alike.

Now is the time to safeguard your business’ permanence. The COVID-19 Pandemic wiped out a lot about how we lived life and functioned as a society, a new normal was born. Many of us and our businesses were almost wiped out to become collateral damage as well if LGUs did not open up when they did. With this, it is time to make sure it doesn’t happen again, that as the new normal comes, so does a new us – a better us; equipped with businesses to last.

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