Special Training for Store Receiving and Capataz Apps

Last August 15, 2022, ETI team held an onsite training in the Head Office at Taguig City for some of the store managers and personnel of Dizon Farms.

Eclectus Technologies®

Capataz Training and Demo

The training conducted was specific to 2 of our main solutions in Eclectus Technologies namely: (1) Store Receiving, which is one of our value chain solutions and (2) Capataz, which is our productivity solution. The main facilitators were Arlene Ariola and Irish Pesante from ETI and were supported by our Dizon IT Team Members, Adrian Talan and Kenneth Mosqueda. 

Capataz Training

The purpose of the training was to equip the attendees with the knowledge needed on how to use and maximize the features of the 2 applications. There were about 40 attendees in the training room, some of whom already have an existing account while others are totally new users. The session became an avenue to introduce the various functionalities of Store Receiving and Capataz. Aside from the powerpoint presentations, the facilitators also conducted actual demo of the apps to guide the users. They also gave several examples of situations in which the apps can be of most help to them. Question and Answer portion was also included in the session to pave way for the attendees to raise their clarifications and concerns. They were also guided on how they can raise suggestions for improvement or any issues they may encounter in the future. Overall, the training was very successful and in fact, 4 additional sessions were held the weeks after for a new set of store managers and personnel.  

This goes to show that ETI is really committed in providing quality service and training to ensure that all of our valued end-users are able to make use of our solutions consistently and effectively. 

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"Through tedious strategic planning and execution, Eclectus Technologies® was able to address our problems brought about by the current global pandemic by providing an all-in-one ecommerce, order fulfillment, and courier solution through "DF Delivers" web portal and mobile app - in just a few months.”

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