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We wanted to foster a positive working environment where everyone is equal, equal opportunities are provided, happy working environment, promote creativity and collaboration, and boost engagement through rewards and recognition.

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The first virtual town hall event was held last July 6, 2021. Unfortunately, given the COVID 19 Pandemic situation, face-to-face meetings are still not allowed, therefore this quarter’s Town Hall was held online.

The opening remarks was spearheaded by the Chief Technology Officer of Eclectus Technologies, Mr. Ariel Ortiz. It started by having the newcomers in the company introduce themselves one by one. It was known that about 60% of the current workforce has been with the organization for 3 years. They started with 1 employee in the year of its inception in 2018, now it has grown to 15. Eclectus™ Technologies Inc. or “ETI” for short, had goals which were to launch and execute its Ecommerce solutions and Capataz- their 2 in 1 job order management and time-keeping solution.

“We wanted to foster a positive working environment where everyone is equal, equal opportunities are provided, happy working environment, promote creativity and collaboration, and boost engagement through rewards and recognition.” – Ariel Ortiz, Chief Technical Officer

He also announced the launch of our new awarding program called EGP2B which means “ETI Great Place to Be”. This is spearheaded by Dondee Castillo, ETI’s Quality Analyst and Sales Head. Ariel then proceeded to explain the current organizational structure of our company and its plans for expansion in the future.

Results Realized

John Cristopher Carlos, the Research and Development Lead, discussed the Results Realized by the company.

He stated that 7 years ago, one of Eclectus™ Technologies’ major clients Dizon Farms Group of Companies was invested into their digital transformation with different vendors to manage business operations and customer relations. Unfortunately, the 3rd party vendor that is supposed to manage all of our operations became problematic. Here are some of the problems that the company has encountered.

The problem that when there is an error on SAP all the activities are impacted. 

  • Store Mobility has a difficult time ordering their items that reached 30 mins to an hour and a half just complete.
  • Manhours in support became focused on maintaining the S.A.P
  • Manhours in support became focused on maintaining the S.A.P 
  • And many more 

Moving forward in 2019, their team has begun releasing mobile and web applications to solve some of the major problems that hinder or complicate business operations.

“Project Milestones By The Numbers”

ETI Project Milestones By The Numbers

1. In May 2019, Eclectus™ Technologies released the Store Ordering web and mobile application. They solved the problems like a lagging system that needed to be manually received. Currently, their overall transactions have reached 666,000 and the outlets that they have now are more than 200. In terms of staffing, after the release from 8 personnel, it is now only 3 personnel or around 62% staffing reduction. Before, transacting in the system takes 1.5 hours but now it only takes two minutes per S.O or about 97% efficiency. They have zero delays on order posting and are also seamlessly integrated with SAP.

2.  The Purchasing App was released in November 2019. This is an app that is super easy to use. With an overall 104,000 transactions with 400 different items that are sourced from 400+ suppliers nationwide. The Field QC App was released in November 2019; This app is used by Field Quality Checker Users. With an overall transaction of 100,000 with 400+ different suppliers. At the same time, the vendor app was also released. We now have over 100,000+ transactions in 400+ Suppliers.

3. Eclectus™ Technologies introduced the new Purchasing system to the end-users in November 2019. Before Purchase Order activities were a very time consuming and very inefficient process, they can only create around 108 Purchase Orders per day in an average of 3.6hours per completed P.O. But now, it only takes 2 seconds to execute Purchase Orders. That is 1 click away or equal to 99% improved efficiency. Currently, they already have 52,000 transactions in 327+ Suppliers. Before 1 employee will take the whole day to accomplish purchase orders. Now, 2 Full-time employees are able to also do another task which is purchase ordering because it is now done in less time than before.

4. In March 2020, during the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, they launched the DF Delivers Web Application to reach a wider audience and increase the overall profit of the company. With a total of 25,000 completed online transactions and approximately 9,000 plus registered customers.

5. In June 2020, they released another web application called PlabioPH. With an overall 700+ transactions, 1,000 registered customers.

6. The Capataz™ application was launched last October 2020, with 835 registered users from 6 different companies such as Highlands AgriVentures Inc., Dizon Farms Group of Companies, Aguacate Marketing Corporation, and more. The application has generated more than 1000+ Job Orders.

7. The Larga™ Fleet and Larga™ Delivery Application was released on the 1st quarter of 2021, and is currently used by around 99 vehicles and has a total of 1,520 transactions, covering 14 different areas such as Baguio, Central, Nueva Ecija, Cebu, and even Davao. 8. Their Warehouse Receiving system was launched last May 2021. Currently, we have 6,000+ Received Purchase Order in 14 different areas such as Baguio, Central, Nueva Ecija, and more.

Eclectus™ Technologies Roadmap

ETI’s story began when the CEO and Ariel collaborated to develop the cardiovascular information system of one of the top hospitals in the country.

Eclectus™ Technologies Roadmap was presented by Ruben “Bong” Tindugan, the Business Development Head of the Organization. ETI plans to expand and provide more solutions in various industries for the next couple of years, an exciting time for the digital world!

2018 – The first clinic scheduling system for the healthcare system, was developed by ETI.

2019 – Agri-Related Systems such as the B2B Ordering Systems and Purchasing were developed and used by Agricultural wholesaler/retailer company.

2020 - Launched DF Delivers, Order Fulfillment, and Larga™ Courier; and Capataz™. The same year ETI’s first ventured outside its current industry with the ecommerce portal for Plabio Philippines.

2021 - Earlier that year Capataz™ was deployed for an FMCG company (outside ETI’s current industry) On the agri-related industry, ETI launched Larga™ Fleet & Delivery. The Warehouse Management system and Multi-vendor Ecommerce will be launched towards the end of 2021.

2022 – To support ETI’s Ecommerce solution outside its current industry, ETI will launch Larga™ Courier apps that are bundled with ecommerce solutions. Also two versions of Larga™ Delivery will be launched, one for the public, and one for exclusive users. And Larga™ Fleet for corporate customers. ETI will continue focus on the Agri-related industry, with the Farm Management app and Electronic Medical Record app for healthcare industry

After unveiling these exciting plans, Bong also informed everyone in the organization about the activities supporting ETI’s Roadmap.  

Intermission Number

As everyone was energized and motivated by the recent updates about the company, an intermission number by some of the talented employees was presented. Gleeful dance numbers, singing, and TikTok skits commenced that showcased the talent and creativity of the employees of ETI.

ETI-Great Place To Be (E-GPTB) Initiatives

Afterwards, Dondee Castillo presented the program ETI-Great Place To Be (E-GPTB) Initiatives. First was the ETI Profile, a collection of facts about each employee who was onboarded, which included their photos, likes or dislikes, and hobbies. This was a way to get to know each and every one, despite not seeing each other face to face. The Early Tea of Inspiration was an activity that posts optimistic, motivational graphics every morning to energize and motivate employees at the start of their working day. ETI: Wellness Wednesday, because of the work from home setup, we tend to forget our proper posture, and healthy habits. This was an initiative to remind people to be wary of their daily well-being. And lastly, ETI TRAINING INTERNAL, which aims to increase the knowledge, improve the soft skills and leadership skills of each and every employee. Afterwards, the ETI Awarding Ceremony commenced. More on this program and its winners here


Before we proceeded to the closing remarks, we held another game which had us guess the pictures to form a word- which was words or products commonly used in the company. This was a continuation of the game we started before the opening remarks earlier. Each question had a reward of P200, the employees enjoyably played to see who was the quickest to guess these words.

Closing Remarks

The closing Remarks was headed by the esteemed CEO DR. Enrique Posas- a cardiologist by profession but has been dreaming of information systems with Ariel Ortiz, the CTO for many years. He delivered a very inspiring message and started his speech by saying that all these ideas that you see today were developed years ago. An example of this was the Information system they made for one of the top hospitals in the Philippines back in 2003. Currently, that program is still functioning and being utilized by the healthcare industry. His speech was centered on the idea belief that “The Filipino Can, why is it that someone else can and not us? How can we challenge you, how can we go and compete not just locally but internationally?”

ETI CEO DR. Enrique Posas

“We have to be able to dream, I beseech you, I encourage you to dream, we as a company would like to provide a cocoon where you can dream. Tell us your dreams. I want you to help me prove that the Filipino can. That we are every bit as good as anyone else in this world. “ – Dr. Enrique Posas, Chief Executive Officer

He ended his speech with these motivational words: Show me your best. Show me. Show us. Show the world what you can do. For more exciting updates on the great things in store for Eclectus Technologies and how we will digitally transform the world, check out our solutions at

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